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Terms and Conditions



The property must be clean and clutter free prior to setting an appointment. Please reference our Property Preparedeness section for details on how your clients should clean the house before our appointment. The appointment should be set not to conflict with contractors working inside or outside who might introduce unwanted visuals (tools, vehicles) or noise. For liability reasons, we are not able to move any furniture or items while on premises. 




We will contact you by phone or e-mail in advance if we think the appointment should be changed or cancelled due to weather. Cloudy days are often ideal for filming as the light is more even. We can work around occasional “spotty” showers and edit in blue skies in post production, however we cannot edit out standing water or snow. Cloudy conditions will not hinder the quality of our photography. 




Weekend shoots are subject to availability.




  • 1 business day for photos (typically next day by noon)

  • 1 business day for twilight/virtual twilight photos

  • 1 business day for Photo Revision Requests

  • Same day photo rush delivery ($100)




LV8 Media doesn’t charge cancellation or rescheduling fees, even if we arrive at the shoot and it’s not ready. We understand that things happen. Reschedule times are subject to availability.



Payment is due within 24 hours upon receipt of the invoice. Payments can be made by card (stripe), cash, check, or Venmo.  


Overdue payments are subject to a $50/week late fee. Booking a service with us means you agree to and understand the payment schedule on your quote/order and the applicable late fees for non-payment. Returned Checks are subject to a $25 fee.


Our regular shoot rates include shooting property interiors and basic exteriors.  This price does not include optional add-on services or additional fees such as:


  • Anything shot outside of the norm (i.e.. additional structures, horse farms, barns, extra acreage, additional shots, etc.) may be billed at our hourly rate of $90/hr on top of the regular shoot.

  • Our aerial prices cover up to one hour of shooting utilizing our drone. Additional time will be charged hourly at $180/hr.

  • Any subjective editing changes requested by client will be billed at an hourly rate. We will correct errors at no charge. 




  • LV8 Media retains the ownership rights to all content but extends a limited use right to the client for marketing purposes. 

  • As a courtesy to our clients, we do not extend use rights without permission from the agent who hired us. 



The photographs in your photo delivery will be formatted as web/full-sized. You can also download an MLS compliant version from our delivery system. If you are in need of a different size photo, please send an email request to let us know.



Our drone pilots hold commercial drone licenses from the FAA (Part 107 Certified) with the drones being registered with the FAA and insured. Please note that if the property is within close range of an airport or military base, this could be under restricted airspace, making aerials impossible. 



Our goal is to deliver photographs within 24 hours of completing the photo shoot, although we often deliver them by noon (12 pm). We will email a link to our clients to download their photographs. All photos are automatically downloaded to a folder named the address of the property. 




We set a high-quality standard for our photography services, but there are practical limitations regarding the amount of work that can be dedicated to editing at the price point offered. At current prices we must complete photography on a single visit. While photographing the property can typically be completed in one to two hours, the post-production work required to create a finished and polished product will take longer.


LV8 Media offers premium services at reasonable rates.  We have developed our company to allow for flexible scheduling.  

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