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Property Preparation

Making a lasting first impression is critical to expediting the sale of your home. Marketing and presenting your residence in its finest “show ready” condition attracts buyer interest, dramatically increases showings, and ultimately leads to a faster closing.

Follow these simple steps to get your home ready for the photo session and buyer showings should soon follow. Items cannot be moved from room to room while the photographer is on site. The interior and exterior need to be staged and ready prior to our arrival. In the event your home is not photo ready before the photography appointment, please arrange for your photo sessions to be rescheduled by 5 pm the day before your photo session.

Please contact LV8 Media for a PDF checklist copy of this Property Preparation Guideline for you and your sellers.



Tidy Up:

  • Hide garbage cans

  • Turn on fountains/waterscapes

  • Put patio umbrellas up

  • Rake leaves and remove sticks from the yard

  • Trim shrubs, trees & plants, and mow lawn

  • Put away tools, yard toys, cleaning supplies, etc.


  • Vehicles from driveways / in front of the property

  • Hoses (if not possible, then wind them up neatly)

  • Covers from grills, furniture, spas, and pools

  • Pool equipment and pool toys from view 

  • Security signs



Tidy Up:

  • Clean countertops and appliances surfaces



  • Soap bottles and sponges 

  • Magnets/items from the refrigerator 

  • Dishes from the sink and counters 

  • Floor mats/rugs (if tile or wood flooring) 

  • Paper towel holder (if not mounted) 

  • Trash can(s) 

  • Pens, notepads, mail, & other paper items 




Tidy Up:

  • Straighten rugs, curtains, throw pillows & bookshelves

  • Set dining table(s) or clear off everything but for a small centerpiece



  • Any children’s toys and/or pet toys 

  • Magazines and newspapers 

  • Personal family photos or certificates

  • Put away clothes, shoes, personal items, etc.



Tidy Up:

  • Make all beds and remove anything stored under the bed if visible

  • Tidy up walk-in closets

  • Put away all clothes and shoes

  • Clean mirrors & shower glass

  • Make sure all light bulbs are working (it is preferable to make sure all light fixtures have the same type of lightbulb in them, if possible)

  • Close all windows and open curtains/blinds to bring in as much natural light as possible

  • Turn ON all interior lights and lamps

  • Turn ON fireplaces

  • Turn OFF televisions & computer monitors 

  • Turn OFF all ceiling fans

  • Clean windows (interior and exterior)



  • Put away all clutter (in closet or cabinet)

  • Remove personal family photos

  • Calendars and seasonal decorations

  • Floor fans and space heaters 

  • All trash cans 

  • Tissue boxes 

  • Floor mats/rugs if visible

  • Pet food/water bowls, toys and beds (pets must be restrained and out of the shots) 

  • Soaps, lotions, shampoo / conditioner bottles from view 

  • Personal care items (toothbrushes, razors, etc) 

  • Wash cloths (Neatly folded hand towels and towels are OK) 

  • Shower squeegees and hanging shower racks 

  • Weight scales 

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